Our Platform. Your Solution

We’ve created the Omics Playground, a self-service analytics platform that empowers biologists to perform complex analysis and visualisation by themselves, without the need to learn how to code. Self-service bioinformatics provides a powerful solution to solve your bioinformatics bottleneck, saving time, getting results faster.

The platform focusses on the tertiary analysis (i.e. interpretation) of transcriptomics (e.g. micro-array, RNA-seq, scRNA-seq) and proteomics data, providing you with highly interactive visualization tools to understand your data.



Benefits for Biologists

Ask your own questions, get the answers in the way you want. Be in control of your data and get your analysis done faster. Less time you spend for data analytics, means more time for biology.

With our tools, big data bioinformatics is just a simple click. Zero coding required. No need to write pesky R scripts, no more juggling of your data between multiple websites. With the Omics Playground you quickly create beautiful figures for your presentation straight away from your platform.

Your omics data contains a wealth of information. Much more than you initially may think. With our platform you can easily explore and discover new findings from your data.


Benefits for Bioinformaticians

Off-load repetitive tasks like data exploration, filtering tables, and creating graphs to the biologists to do on their own. As a result, it allows the team to concentrate on more critical and complex issues.

Using the Playground, bioinformaticians can standardize analytics workflow and reporting. Minimize coding errors by using our well-tested platform. Export tables for further analysis if you need. You can tweak between algorithms to optimize your analytics.

Self-service analytics makes the data analytics more transparent: the biologist understands more what is behind the analysis, the bioinformatician understands more the biological meaning, creating a mutual learning process.


Benefits for Institutions

A self-service bioinformatics platform reduces overhead costs. Our analytics platform is in the cloud. In this way the user does not need to install any software, update versions, and is accessible anywhere. And look Ma — no hardware to maintain!

Democratize data analytics across your institution. Train and empower your staff with improved bioinformatics tools. Promote a culture of data-driven science. Ensure quality reports with reliable data sources and governed data analytics.

Your old data still is valuable. Liberate old data out of their silos and integrate them with new data. Reinvigorate your old data by re-analyzing them with new methods and algorithms.