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World's first self-service analytics platform for Big Omics data

Biology needs HELP

Life scientists are drowning in Big Data from their omics experiments. This omics data holds the key to new scientific discoveries and promises to revolutionize health care. But the biggest hurdle is the analysis of the data. Current tools are just too difficult to use and the analysis takes too much time.

Do-it-yourself. Yes you can.

Our solution: make it easy and fast. We've built world's first self-service analytics platform for big omics data. Biologists, bioinformaticians, life scientists: all get powerful interactive dashboards to easily explore data, answer queries, and get the analytics exactly the way you want. Easy.

Fasten your seat belts. Hi-speed analytics.

Accelerate your time-to-discovery. Before, it would take weeks or months to make sense of your omics data. Now, with our platform, we prepare your data to be analytics-ready within 24 hours, and you can start exploring and get results right away. Fast.

Analytics anywhere. Anytime.

Our AaaS delivers a self-service analytics platform in the cloud. Your platform will be available 24/7. It doesn’t have office hours or goes on coffee breaks. You can check-out your analytics anywhere and anytime you want. Non-stop.

Big but Friendly

Yes it's big. But don't worry, it's friendly. We make great effort to make complex analysis simple to use for you. Analyze and visualize your omics data using our intuitive graphical user interface. Zero coding required.

Analyze with confidence. Be a rockstar.

We have selected the best-in-class algorithms for you to analyze your data and made it available just one click away. We combine multiple statistical methods using meta-analysis so you can really trust your numbers.

Integrate. Dig deeper.

Our platform integrates heterogeneous, multi-omics and multi-source datasets using state-of-the-art algorithms and visualization. Access public data with ease. Combine data or validate your findings in other data sets. More data enables you to take better decisions.

Visual analytics. See and understand.

Good visualization shows not data, but insight. Our figures are highly interactive and beautiful. We strive to give you figures that are not only good-looking, but also give you deeper understanding of your data. Owe yourself that eureka! moment.

Yes. We're open!

We grew up with open source and we love it. Therefore this is our little gesture of giving something back. In GitHub you can find the source code of our projects or use our Docker image. You can help us by contributing code.


We now have a user-friendly tool to rapidly analyze big datasets ourselves. I recommend BigOmics to any lab looking to improve their data analysis.

Roger Geiger - group leader (IRB, Switzerland)

It's really fun. You can easily play with a lot of options that lead you to discover so many aspects of the sequencing by yourself.

Miriam Sapanaro - biologist (VIMM, Italy)

Fast track your bioinformatics needs.